Hello! I'm offering drum only charts for Clone Hero and YARG. These charts will be as accurate as possible on expert difficulty, which mostly follows RBN standards (such as flams being R+Y). You can find previews of my existing charts on youtube to get a better understanding of how I chart.


The pricing of a song has a couple different variables, but it's mostly determined by song length and how much tempo mapping is required. As you may know, tempo mapping takes a good amount of time, which is why pricing can be so various.

Prices are in USD.


$5 $4/minute

Standard rate for studio songs

* If the song requires little to no tempo mapping, I'll subtract a dollar per minute

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Live Recordings

$6 $5/minute

Live recordings require extensive tempo mapping

* In some cases, this can also include studio songs that are not played to a metronome

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What You Get

Song File

High quality .ogg song file with a count in

Metadata + Album Artwork

Full song information so it shows up properly in game

.mid Chart File
* = where applicable

Each chart will have the following

  • Sections (intro/verse/chorus/etc)
  • Star Power + Activations
  • Lanes*
  • Solos*
  • Accent and Ghost notes*
  • 2x Kicks*
  • Disco Flip*


Lower Difficulties
$2 $1.5 per difficulty or $5 $4 for all three

Want to play Hard, Medium, or Easy? Include lower difficulties charted by hand

$2 $1 per minute

Want to sing along? Include lyrics precisely synced per syllable

Music Video
$2 $1

Want to have an engaging background? Provide a music video for me to sync with the chart


About Me

I first got into charting back in May 2023. Since then, I've learned a lot about the process and after a full year, I'm comfortable enough to start taking commissions. Playing drums has always been my favorite out of all the instruments that can be played. I have an Alesis Nitro Mesh kit, which is about the standard kit most people buy to play casually.

The Process

I start by downloading the audio in FLAC, if possible. I get the bpm of the song and add a count in as all RB songs do. Then the audio gets transcoded to Vorbis (.ogg) 256kbps for the best quality. From there, I start in MoonScraper and set the song sections. I use AI stems using demucs to help chart drums and make sure the song is properly tempo mapped. Then I place all the notes, do a quick run of lyrics (to be properly synced later) and convert to a REAPER project. I then add star power and activations, lower difficulties, and sync lyrics. After everything is done, I export as notes.mid and zip it up.


It varies greatly depending on how long the song is, how difficult it is, and how many other commissions I have. You will be notified when I start and given a very general timeframe based on the song.

When I add lyrics, I go syllable by syllable in REAPER to ensure each one is synced closely to the song. It's a very slow but precise process that warrants extra compensation for the time taken.

I'm not familiar enough with the other instruments to take commissions for them. The only other one I might consider is vocals for YARG.

When starting, it's easier to visualize the chart using MS. REAPER offers more functionality, especially when it comes to things like lanes, solos, and disco flip. TLDR: They both have their strong points, so I get the best of both worlds.

Send me a message on discord @itscerulean